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Ile Flottante

For the second time I made this delicious dessert, Ile Flottante (Floating Island).  If you have spare egg whites it is worth the effort.   It is a dollup of poached meringue sitting on a custard sprinkled with whatever treat you like, praline, caramel drizzle, nuts, etc.  So all you need to do is whip up some meringue and make or buy canned custard.

What I have to remember is to not put so much meringue into the pot of milk to poach because the meringue does expand as it is poaching.   I think a large tablespoon would be enough.  The first time I used water to poach it but it is better using milk.  Making the custard is more labour intensive than the meringue part.  It is delicious.  I find it fairly light but it would depend on the recipe and how much sugar is added to the custard and the meringue.

Any meringue left over can be baked if you're so inclined.

Susan Buttivant at Amblecroft,
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2012-02-19 13:58:26



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