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poplar girl
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Re: Topic 2 (supplement): Test Your Knowledge!

Maggiesdad wrote:

Susan wrote:

Feel free to post the  thread links MD. I'd like to check them out and find it hard to find thingas on such a big forum.

I know what you mean, Susan! That's why I thought it was cool when he joined up, the movers and shakers started coming to him! His thoughts on the APA Standard of Perfection... … perfection

Now, my knowledge of poultry is paltry, and I know the EO isn't a recognized breed, but his points seem valid to me - and it strengthens in my mind why what we are doing with the Spanish Standard is so very important.

Some of the questions this thread has caused me to ponder... partial list - and in no particular order:

              -  ethics, or lack of merits, of hatching pullet eggs
              -  inbreeding percentages, is there any way to quantify where we already are?
              -  feather color, leg color, comb deviations: How serious are they in relation to structure and ELC?
              -  importance of record keeping
              -  importance of pedigree
              -  deformities (ie curled toes) genetic,breeder flock nutrition or sloppy incubation?
              -  extended hatches (genetic, breeder flock nutrition or sloppy incubation?
              -  do the deformities and extended hatches present in brood hen hatches also?
              -  importance of preserving broody qualities in the breed - did the typical Basque farm run incubators?

MD these are great questions and I am headed over to BYC to read some of this old fellows thread. It's almost like we need to get through the definitions we are working on so everyone has a fair shot and joining in a discussion about some of the questions you are asking. I know I have lots of thoughts on some of these subjects and just posted a question elsewhere on inbreeding coefficients (I want to know how to calculate them too!).

Raising red cuckoo (marraduna) Euskal Oiloak and self blue (lavender) & black Belgian Bearded d'Uccles.



2012-02-11 15:46:52



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