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#1 2012-01-15 17:43:42

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Online learning resources

I found this this morning - it looks like an excellent primer on basic genetics, and it's free. Each section has stuff to read, and then there's a "problem" section for you to try, to see if you've got the principles. Although it deals more with mainstream genetics, and focuses on peas, fruit flies and people, the principles are applicable to other organisms, and you aren't going to understand poultry genetics without most of these concepts (especially those in the first section "classical genetics".

Do check it out, and try the problems.

"DNA From the Beginning - Animated, online textbook which covers the basics of genetic inheritance through methods of DNA analysis, and geared towards those without a scientific background. - from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. "



2012-01-15 17:43:42


#2 2012-01-16 01:46:54

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Re: Online learning resources

This is excellent IPF thnaks for sharing it.  I just did a few pages and it is excellent.  I'll definitely spend some more time on it to refresh what I did know years ago.




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