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#1 2011-12-02 04:28:13

From: Louisa County, Virginia
Registered: 2011-10-05
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If you give an EO a pop door #2 ( pic heavy )

All eyes on escape...  Geronimo!

This took less than one minute for everyone to bail out of the brooder. These guys are fearless...

LOL James, you sure you didn't cross your EOs with roadrunners?!

And I do mean fearless

Yup I am fearless!

Whoooooooooa! Chick chinups.

Cinnamon ll sitting pretty.
:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: Luvin' these EOs in Louisa! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:



2011-12-02 04:28:13


#2 2011-12-02 05:30:45

skeffling lavender farm
From: Wiarton, ON, Canada
Registered: 2011-06-17
Posts: 2720

Re: If you give an EO a pop door #2 ( pic heavy )

That is great.  Love the pics.  Aren't they characters.  they are growing beautifully.  I know you will be spoilt for other breeds now.  Even when they are little, they come flying out of the coop in the morning.  It's like a little EO explosion! 

I love how you captured the chick chinups!  They are curious little creatures, and have no qualms about climbing, peering, tugging at or pecking something interesting!  I am so glad you guys are enjoying them so much! :thumbsup:



#3 2011-12-02 12:51:16

poplar girl
From: Athabasca, AB, Canada
Registered: 2011-06-30
Posts: 3159

Re: If you give an EO a pop door #2 ( pic heavy )

Absolutely adorable! And your pictures are amazing. Looks like you can pretty much tell boys from girls now?

Raising red cuckoo (marraduna) Euskal Oiloak and self blue (lavender) & black Belgian Bearded d'Uccles.



#4 2011-12-02 13:05:59

From: Saskatoon, Sask, Canada
Registered: 2011-06-28
Posts: 2540

Re: If you give an EO a pop door #2 ( pic heavy )

Thanks for the smile (and the laugh at the chin ups) this morning! Wonderful pics again :)




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