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Re: Idea about adding other topics?

Where did I read that someone does solar panel work?



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poplar girl
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Re: Idea about adding other topics?

On the first page of this tread!

Lisa wrote:

We are also working toward self-sufficiency - one of the reasons we moved out to the farm last year. DH has a solar company (SolarG), so questions about solar could be fielded my way. I think there's some useful stuff on the website.

Most fascinating "self-sufficiency" book I've seen recently combines it with my interest in poultry is The Small-Scale Poultry Flock (An all-natural approach to raising chickens and other fowl for home and market growers) by Harvey Ussery (2011). Cover says "with information on building soil fertility, replacing pourchased feed, and working with poultry in the garden". Picked it up through amazon. Harvey follows similar ideas to Joel Salatin - works with birds in a cooperative manner to increase fertility in the soil and the birds.

One idea he has is to deliberately use the birds as compost turners - using his idea, I've renovated an old camper by tarping the floor and bottom of the walls, added 2 inches of compost (to "prime" the composter), am in the process of adding 12 to 18 inches of bedding (high carbon stuff - straw, leaves and shavings), will then add birds and incentive to scratch around in there. In the spring, shake out the tarp in the garden - am loving this idea. Hope it works!!!

He has sections on deep litter (and how to do it correctly), pasturing, fencing, mobile shelters, butchering, making your own feed, managing the flock, putting roosters together, shelter info, etc, etc. It's a good book.

I'm in favour of a self-sufficiency section! I'm also looking into buying nut trees....

Raising red cuckoo (marraduna) Euskal Oiloak and self blue (lavender) & black Belgian Bearded d'Uccles.




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