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#1 2015-08-21 12:43:38

poplar girl
From: Athabasca, AB, Canada
Registered: 2011-06-30
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Lost our LGD this week

Our livestock guardian dog was found dead on Monday morning :sad:. We live at the end of the road and he was just off to the side down the hill a little from out property laying like he was sleeping. No bullet holes, blood, or signs of any kind of trama. I had treated him for fleas earlier in the day and I wonder if the insecticide killed him :shock: as I can't think of anything else!

He was a Pyrenees of about 4 years and a great protector of all out animals. I suspect between now and lockup for winter I will loose a lot of turkeys and chickens as the preditors move in. Then will come the deer and moose to eat and rub the fruit and other trees in the fall and winter :(.

I am half heartedly on the lookout for a replacement.

Raising red cuckoo (marraduna) Euskal Oiloak and self blue (lavender) & black Belgian Bearded d'Uccles.



2015-08-21 12:43:38


#2 2015-08-21 13:07:51

From: Walton
Registered: 2011-06-30
Posts: 1344

Re: Lost our LGD this week

Sorry to hear that PG we have lost our dog of 14 years just this week too, so we are as you put it half heartedly on the lookout for a replacement.

Herd of Brown Swiss, a few sheep, red cuckoo basque, Silverspangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben, ameraucanas(EE), Welsummer, broodie silkies and a few more heritage hens



#3 2015-08-22 03:18:56

From: Louisa County, Virginia
Registered: 2011-10-05
Posts: 1980

Re: Lost our LGD this week


so sorry, PG and gubi. We lost our Lab of 12 years to cancer last month. Now it's just Mitsy here, the mixed breed in the lightsaber EO pic on the NABHA header. She's a sweetie, but super timid compared to how Angus ran the yard.

They leave such a hole in our hearts when they go. Prayers to you and gubi.



#4 2015-08-22 11:28:08

Flat Rock Farm
From: Branchton, Ontario Canada
Registered: 2011-07-03
Posts: 3359

Re: Lost our LGD this week

I am sorry to hear of your loss PG, that is tough when you loose them so suddenly.  For months after my little cat was hit and killed suddenly I still found it hard to believe she was gone.  Wonder if he had a heart attack???  I know it will be hard to find a replacement but sounds like you will need one.   

Also to gubi and Maggiesdad as I have met both of your dogs, both sweeties.  I am sorry for your losses as well, I find the loss of a pet so hard.  For me they are an extension of my family and always call them my "fur babies".  I know my JRT is now 14 and has had many health issues over the years.  Every day is a blessing with her and I dread the day she is not with me.

:hug: to you all!!!

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#5 2015-08-24 16:02:45

Island Girl
From: Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Isla
Registered: 2011-07-06
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Re: Lost our LGD this week

Its so difficult losing a pet. I am so sorry for you pg. Gubi and md too. Like FRF said they truly are such a part of our everyday lives that we consider them family. Each one has their own personality and place in our lives that you they are never really replaced. When my little sidekick poodle was tragically killed a number of years ago I swore myself off of ever owning another dog, it simply hurt too much to lose them. Then my sister said the wisest thing to me, "Monika, don't deny yourself the love of another pet!" It really did hit home for me. I hope that you find some comfort in finding another dog to share your life and farm with.

XOX Monika



#6 2015-08-25 02:46:54

Registered: 2015-02-14
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Re: Lost our LGD this week

As painful as it is/will be . Have the family guardian dog checked out WHY !!
Could have good insite to things .

We would feel devastated here !!!

PG , be strong , the pain passes & the good memory's are retained .

From Both LS & NS

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