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#1 2015-07-08 17:05:41

Island Girl
From: Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Isla
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On 'choosing a roo or two' and his attitude!!

I am noticing that how I approach my roosters does make a definite difference on their attitude. Now I am not talking about just the way I behave in their coop but. also the way things are set up. My roosters always tend to end up dead :P whether they choke to death courting the girls :banginghead: or find themselves at the end of my axe because they have attacked and hurt me one too many times  :whistle: I always seem to be 'needing' a new rooster. I find that I am rather fickle when it comes to the perfect roo attitude. I want him to be very active with the ladies but in a gentleman like way. He needs to have enough mojo to protect his ladies when he sees or hears anything untoward but that can not include me. He doesn't have to cuddle me but he can't give me any scars either! I once had a great chat with Heather Hayes (poultry judge) about roosters and their jobs. She said people need to let them do their jobs, they need to do what roosters are suppose to do. I do completely agree with her but I have to find a happy medium with my roosters. When I had one beautiful nasty roo I dreaded going into the coop and it totally took the enjoyment out of my hobby! That just doesn't work for me. I can tolerate what we call 'googly eyes' when I am  in his space but no attacking.

So the set up part ... I find that the less I need to interact with the hens he is breeding or housed with the better. He has no need to show me he is their man and I have no need to :eat: him! I try to put the breeding roo in a coop where he and his hens have plenty of space to move away from me if they want to. I can collect eggs and they can be somewhere else. I try to keep him occupied with some hen scratch on the outside run while I enter the inside coop to collect the eggs. When I had my coops set up so that I had to walk through 'him' and his hens all hell would break loose because the hens wanted to see me (they always think they are getting a treat) and he would go squirrely because of all the action and take it out on me. I take extra care to not make him feel cornered and if I do have to handle him or his hens, I separate him to keep things calmer.  I think that the more they think they need to attack the more alert and suspicious they get. These are just my thoughts about what I have experienced and I know that many may not agree and thats ok  I wanted to share what has worked for me so that it may give you some insight on how to set things up if you need to. There will always be some roosters who will have more of a natural 'I wanna attack you' attitude no matter what you do or how you have things set up but I do believe that some roosters can be managed with how you set up their environment.

XOX Monika



2015-07-08 17:05:41


#2 2015-07-09 02:14:15

From: Louisa County, Virginia
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Re: On 'choosing a roo or two' and his attitude!!

Good Stuff!

Wearing the same style clothes while tending doesn't hurt... different pants or shorts/bare legs will getcha extra googly eyes, everytime. :chook:



#3 2015-07-09 11:22:08

From: Lunenburg, County, Nova Scotia
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Re: On 'choosing a roo or two' and his attitude!!

Want to talk about this, but not enough time today.  Waiting to hear what the rest have to say also.




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