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#1 2013-11-17 16:39:15

New member
From: Herald CA
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Hello from Herald CA

LOVE LOVE the Basque. They are by far my favorite bird. :love: :cheer:


Temperament: AMAZING! friendly, curious, nonaggressive, bold!
Eggs: HUGE! 2.5 oz jumbo eggs are bigger than any of my other breeds.
Freeranging skills: these birds are everywhere. Fearless and curious. They never stop on their hunt for bugs.
Growth rate: quick growth and great health. Hardy babies with great pip rates. Easy to sex very early. Heavy roosters. Perfect dual purpose birds.


Molt HARD- much worse than my others. Most hens look like someone put the poor things through a woodchipper! :shock:
Completely STOP laying during molt and winter light. I have not had an egg in a month. In contrast my lavender orpingtons are laying almost daily through winter cold and molt. And this is California! :stomp:
Pushy roosters: some of my young prospects with perfect color, size and legs have ended up in freezer camp because of early aggressive behavior. Only keep the sweet boys here :eat:

Glad I found this forum. I will continue to cull towards the developing standard to increase the quality of my stock. All of my foundation birds are from Greenfire farms. I am currently bringing up babies from a few other farms to increase diversity. We are on 3rd generation now.

Always striving to improve my collection of Basque Hens, Blue Breda Fowl, English blood Black Orpingtons, Rhodebars, Blue/Red and Silver Laced Wyandottes, Heritage Rhode Island Reds, Lavender Ameraucanas, and Lavender Orpingtons. Of course I am always on the look out for more! Eggs swaps are welcome to increase quality, type and genetic diversity.



2013-11-17 16:39:15


#2 2013-11-17 18:18:08

Flat Rock Farm
From: Branchton, Ontario Canada
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Re: Hello from Herald CA

:welcome: rarefeathersrach!!!

Glad you joined the forum :thumbsup:

I hear you with the heavy molt, mine are still going through it and have had no eggs in 3 weeks, well I shouldn't say no eggs may 1 every 4 days or so from 14 girls :banginghead:

Have had a few nasty boys here as well, no room for them here. :no no:

Again welcome and enjoy the forum :EO:



#3 2013-11-17 18:53:38

From: Louisa County, Virginia
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Re: Hello from Herald CA

:welcome: and :congrats:



#4 2013-11-18 00:18:12

poplar girl
From: Athabasca, AB, Canada
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Re: Hello from Herald CA

:welcome: I do believe I agree with everything you have said about EOs. Looking forward to learning more about your flock!

Mine are finally laying well again. It seems they are very daylight sensitive and 14 hours is the magic number.

Raising red cuckoo (marraduna) Euskal Oiloak and self blue (lavender) & black Belgian Bearded d'Uccles.




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