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#1 2013-02-20 12:52:15

Micah and Kiah
From: West Grey
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Feather Fancier Interview Questions

I have been quite busy!  Finally I have a moment to ask all of you some questions.  Some of the answers will be quoted in my article for the Feather Fancier.  Please email or pm me your real names.   Admin, feel free to flesh out the questions or answer questions I should have asked but didn't think of!  :whistle:   Claire, I hope you have time to answer, I know you are very busy right now! I am hoping that EO lovers from all over North America will take a second to answer these questions, please?  :please:  :Canada: :US:    :EO:

When did you first hear about Euskal Oiloa?

Where did you hear about them?

What interested you most in this breed?

When did you get your first Euskal Oiloa?

Why do you keep your EOs?

What qualities do you like most about them?

How do EOs compare to the other chicken breeds you keep?

What goals do you have for your flock?

What other information would you like people to know about Euskal Oilas?

All the best,

Kiah and Micah



2013-02-20 12:52:15



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