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#26 2013-01-19 17:00:37

skeffling lavender farm
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Re: Hatching Has Begun!

riverbendfarm wrote:

The BP chicks we got mailed from Quebec 4 years ago now, we were told they were black copper marans, that was what we ordered, but you could see some had all black feet and legs and others look like they had pink skin on the feet.  I remember vivdly because we were trying to figure out what the heck they were! I took lots of photos then lost them due to a hard drive failure!

I wonder if the BCM you ordered is not in there somewhere, as my roo has copper hackles and none of the birds have carnation combs? My hen's eggs are huge and so dark brown they almost look brick red. Her two pullets lay smaller eggs, and one is pretty much regular brown egg color. They are definitely not friendly and holler up a freaking storm if you try to pick them up. I have two spare roos in the broody pen. One will be processed and I think the other bred back to his dam to see if I can get more pullets with her amazing eggs. I need to get more stock to develop my lines and I'm looking hard for any with that fabulous carnation comb. If I could find just one big fat glossy rooster with lots of spriggers I'd be :excited: They are rare here though, I think Jamie had the only ones and now those are mine. Any others floating around probably came from this pair.

Yes, we have been selecting against the red, were npt 100% they were pure to start and have sent many, many birds to the freezer.  We have never bred a red hackled bird and it gets fewer and fewer each year.  I think it is recessive and hard to get out, like the yellow skin.  I have two roos with big fat carnations right now! And the roos we processed this past year were better than the original ones we bred.  We found we added more points on the comb with each generation and we bred the biggest birds with no red and the most points.  Even the pullets have the side sprigs now.   

Things are a bit unsettled right now, but if you are willing to hatch in the summer (probably separate the birds in May), I'd be happy to send you some BP eggs for the price of shipping. They are a really worthy breed despite their surly temperament, but with the cool big eggs and fast meat growth they are well worth having.  The eggs may save you a few years and help increase the diversity somewhat.  You may even get one or two friendlies! :thumbs:



2013-01-19 17:00:37



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