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#26 2012-08-24 16:59:53

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Re: How many to start?

poplar girl wrote:

Dalisgrams the two lines I have are from Skeffling Lavender Farm and from Black Horse Ranch. Both these flocks originated from the original Quebec flock. I think genetics from both SLF and BHR lines have also made it to the USA but they were not kept as separate lines so Greenfire and Skyline birds are probably a mix of both.

I think you will have fun with your project and I look forward to discussing more with you as we both go along! There are always lots of good questions and discussion on this forum although with summer and everyone so busy it's been a lot quieter than winter was.

Sorry, I get confused with both Canadian and American lines. There is just so much to take in at once!

I'm really trying to narrow down my focus, but it's difficult with the standard marraduna, mille fleur and recessive whites all calling to me! I suppose I should just wait and see what I end up with for well put together stock. I'm so in love with this breed! :love:

Trying to finish another pen for the growing chicks and then can begin working on another coop for the breeders. It's exciting and such a dream come true. I am looking forward to winter to do more research and planning.

I am wondering how to set up a pen for growing out roosters. How long do I keep the boys with the pullets before moving them into their own bachelor pad?



2012-08-24 16:59:53


#27 2012-08-24 22:46:11

Little Boy Blue
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Re: How many to start?

ipf wrote:

LBB, I think you're saying that if you start with an unrelated pair mating, and then mate siblings together for four generations, the resulting birds will be no more closely related than the first two siblings?

This is most definitely NOT true. They will be considerably more closely related than the first set of siblings, and the degree of relatedness will increase with each generation of sib mating.

Nope...I haven't seen a single line breeding chart that pairs siblings.  There are a buch of different charts out there. I am sure you will come across some if you haven't already. 

I have seen a few that start by breeding the F1 generation back to the foundation stock and then pairs the furthest related birds in ever succeeding generation.  I don't like those charts because if you are tracking what percent they are of each of the foundation birds you can see that you get to 50%,50% pretty quick (which mean you up against a wall with your gene pool and have no where else to go).  I prefer the charts that breed back to the foundation stock for multiple generation so that you never get to 50/50 blood, but everyone has their own opinions on what method is best and all of them require new blood to be brought when signs of inbreeding show up.  About the only rule that I have seen that is consisten across all the line breeding charts is not to pair full siblings.

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#28 2012-12-02 18:25:57

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Re: How many to start?

poplar girl wrote:

All my opinion. The above reflects pretty much my own strategy with the EOs. This was year one of pair mating for my flock and I have to say I did learn quite a lot about my parent birds, some of which I would like to share with the group over the fall and winter. It also caused me to decide most of my parent birds will not be used for breeding next year. I have brought in quite a large number of EOs from two lines (really so far there are only two lines i am aware of in North America that trace back the the original flock imported) again this year and will be keeping a larger number of birds this time. You do need to start with as many birds as you can.


I was just reading this and wondered if you ever did talk about your parent birds?

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#29 2012-12-02 19:32:12

poplar girl
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Re: How many to start?

I haven't managed to do that yet Amblecroft :oops:I did manage to take some pictures of my birds today though which I am looking forward to sharing. Not sure though they are the right pictures to talk about pair breeding results. If not this time around, I think over Christmas i will find time as we don't have plans to travel but will have some time off work. Also I need to select who to pair with who for next year's generation so need to spend some time reflecting. If we can just get the rest of the chicken pens in the new barn built over Christmas I will be set :excited:

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