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#1 2011-08-03 03:18:27

skeffling lavender farm
From: Wiarton, ON, Canada
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Marraduna Euskal Oiloa hatching eggs, Wiarton, Ontario, Canada

Quick extremely late summer chance here for the truly addicted :doI?:

I have 1 pair-mother and son and father and 3 daughters segregated for a little longer.  Eggs are spoken for until 14ish of August, first weeks ones after that will be available 21st-ish, ship 22nd.  Our "sibling bred" lines this year have thrown all leg colours and some clavells but some nice feather colour and I think sizes vary.  I won't have a test hatch for a few weeks. 

Also available, a few bonus Black sumatra x EO cross if anyone wanted any.  :thumbs:  Sumatras are v friendly.  I won't  be hatching any due to space/husband limits, but I bet it's a crazy cross!

I can ship within Canada also, but if the weather remains hot, hatchability may be lowered, would much prefer pickup or can meet on my travels, would be Lindsay direction on 21st.  Down Hwy 10, Orangeville, Hwy 9, Bradford, etc.

Pics of the parents are in the following threads





2011-08-03 03:18:27



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