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#1 2012-05-18 23:50:08

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Chick Colors Pt. 2 (and Sexing)

(Part 1 of this is at: under "Pics of New Chicks" as "Chick Colors")

Chicks are now 2 1/2 weeks.  I have taken some guesses at sex and leg color.  If there is a "?" I am uncertain, if no "?" then I am fairly certain.  Even though it is early to be sexing I would love to hear all of your comments about sex, and also which seem to have the best color.

With personalities it is interesting to see that there are some that are consistently friendly all the time, some that are sort of off and on, and some that never come over and get into my hand at all.  I am sure it will keep changing.  The funniest one is the little purple one.  She(?) is one of the smallest and I bet 90% of the time when I put my hand in the brooder she is the first to run over and get in my hand or investigate.  She also seems to enjoy be held and is fairly gentle.  I am guessing no matter how she turns out she will stay at least as a pet since she is so personable and I am sure will be a favorite with my grandchildren.

As I mentioned before I will be keeping the 6 best hens, and will also try to select the 2 best roosters to possibly keep for breeding (who will stay elsewhere since I am not allowed to keep roosters on my property).  What is the earliest that some of you start culling pets from breeding stock?  I have some places waiting for some of the pets, so am happy to cull them out as soon as possible.  So, if there are colors that even at this point clearly won't fit into the range of color in the standard, it would be good hear that input.  (Not sure this is possible yet???)

Looking forward to all of your responses!


Sex: Pullet? /  Legs: Willow / Other comments: a lot of rusty color feathers

Sex: Pullet? /  Legs: Yellow / Other comments: a lot of rusty color feathers

Sex: Pullet? /  Legs: Willow?

Sex: Pullet? /  Legs: Yellow / Other comments: a lot of rusty color feathers

Sex: Cockerel? /  Legs: Willow

Sex: Cockerel? /  Legs: Willow

Sex: Pullet /  Legs: Yellow / Other comments: consistently very friendly - always the first to perch on my hand, and loves to be held

Sex: Pullet? /  Legs: Yellow / Other comments: a lot of rusty color feathers

Sex: Cockerel? /  Legs: Willow

Sex: Cockerel /  Legs: Willow / Other comments: consistently very bold - this one is also interesting in that is doesn't seem to have any barring and is almost all white with some feathers sporting just the most minute bit of color.

Sex: ? /  Legs: Willow

Sex: Pullet /  Legs: Yellow?

Sex: Cockerel /  Legs: Yellow / Other comments: consistently very friendly

Sex: Pullet /  Legs: Yellow / Other comments: a lot of rusty color feathers - consistently very friendly

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2012-05-18 23:50:08


#2 2012-05-19 00:17:42

From: Walton
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Re: Chick Colors Pt. 2 (and Sexing)

It will become very obvious in about another week who's boy and who's girl.  Orange is your typical EO male.  He has those red barred feathers coming in on his neck.  Pullets are mostly uni coloured brown and the cockerels are barred like your orange.  I would pick the biggest girls that are mostly brown and only have black in their hackle, tail and wingtips.  After that select for yellow legs, then white, green and lastly blue.  I'm starting to select at about 5 weeks old.  The closer to 12 weeks you can let them get to select the better.

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#3 2012-05-19 02:13:32

Micah and Kiah
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Re: Chick Colors Pt. 2 (and Sexing)

Thank you for sharing these photos, very educational

All the best,

Kiah and Micah




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