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#1 2012-02-16 22:10:28

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beekeeping - about to jump in

I'm about to go to my first beekeeping association meeting this evening.  I haven't officially joined yet, but I contacted them and they invited me to their meeting. We are hoping to get 2 honey bee hives started this spring. I'm also hoping to get someone to volunteer to be my mentor. I read Storey's book on beekeeping, but having first hand experience would be best.

When in California I encouraged native bees (solitary bees) to visit my garden with 'bee blocks'. (see my old blog and bee blocks here.
Native bees are easy, just put up some blocks of wood with holes for them to lay their larva. Over the 4 seasons I had bee blocks, my yard was full of bees. I planted lots of things for them to eat and they pollinated everything I had. I was sad to leave my bees behind, but I gave them to a local backyard chicken owner/gardener.

Now we are going to spend a bit of money to get some honey bees. Anyone have experience with honey bees? Any advice?

More pictures and videos of chicks.



2012-02-16 22:10:28



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