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A place to find out more and share what you know about this awesome rare poultry breed! **NOTE: Those who wish to register as a new member on the forum are asked to email and an Administrator will gladly help you join the forum!

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#1 2011-06-25 12:30:25

skeffling lavender farm
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First of all, Welcome!

:welcome:  Thanks for stopping by to find out more and share what you know about the mysterious Euskal Oiloa chickens!  You are in good company and you will find people seem to love this breed.  They are attractive looking in pictures and that was enough to tempt me!  After "trying" them, I fell in love other seem to!

I have made categories for the different posts, but would love suggestions.  I see this as primarily a board for networking, breeding, raising, learning more about Basque Hens and have another Easy Chickenry Forum for more general caring for and looking after chickens on my site.

I am excited to offer the board here and hope it will help spread the word and promote the breed and it's sharing all over North America and we would totally love to hear from anyone with them in the world too!  :cheer:

So come on in, introduce yourselves and please fill in your profile with country and state/area, and city/town if you wish!  It makes your posts even more valuable and saves time on clarification, when it comes to climate care and seeking medication issues and especially for the breeders, people need to know if purchasing from you is even an option!  Cheers!



2011-06-25 12:30:25



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