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#1 2011-11-18 08:16:23

From: Old Fort, Tennessee
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Double barrel stove kits

Welp, I got all the pipeing installed and put the grate in today. Cranked up the first fire and that thing puts out some heat. I had the whole shop toasty and warm. Highly recommend one if your looking for serious BTU's on a budget. Two Barrels $20.00 (craigslist), Vogelzang Deluxe barrel stove kit $99.00, double barrel adapter $39.00, pipeing -wall thimble-2 wall support bracket kits $520.00, & barrel stove grate $69.00. I figured out pipeing is not cheap. Everyone kept giving me $1700.00 quotes for pipeing..So I asked myself, how would they do it in the old days? They didn't have all that fancy pipeing back then. Why is everything so freaking expensive?! Ill post pics soon and show how to put together thee kit.



2011-11-18 08:16:23


#2 2011-11-18 12:01:41

From: Louisa County, Virginia
Registered: 2011-10-05
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Re: Double barrel stove kits


I've got an old Ashley fireplace insert that's been in the garage (new, unused) since I built the cabin back in '92.  I'm going to convert it into a freestanding unit and set it up for garage heat.

Bring on the pics, I need inspiration. Mine should have been done years ago... I guess it's easy to get sidetracked raising kids. :oops:




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