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Right pet website

This is a neat website that allow you to post reviews of breeds of anything as pets, but particularly of interest to us, chicken breeds. :chook: :thumbsup:

Bret the owner emailed me the other day because he liked my 30 second Sumatra video I posted on You tube a few weeks back!  He invited me to review some of the the other really rare breeds we've had and at my suggestion he has just added a Penedesenca and  Euskal oiloa page if anyone else wants to review them or post a picture of theirs!  He has put a link to the EO site on the main breed page which is neat. I have let him use some of my pictures of some of the rare breeds too.  I have done them for Buttercups, Sumatras, EOs and Andalusians so far!  It's a pretty cool site, thought you might be interested!  :jumping:

Here's the EO page but there are many other breed pages in alphabetical or by rank.  A breed needs 5 reviews to be eligible for the top 10 on the front page of the chicken section! … basque-hen



2011-11-16 22:48:27



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