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#1 2015-11-07 01:21:16

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Nasty hens

I have a few hens that are really nasty when I try to put new hens with them.  They go out of their way to jump on and attack the new hen, even if she submits totally.  It happens even if the new hen has been living in a cage in the same pen for the last two weeks.  The new hens can't go anywhere or do anything as the crusty ones don't back off at all, so I take them out.  The nastiest one I have used to come up and bite me in the back of my leg every time I went in the pen.  I put a rooster in a cage inside their pen, and she fought with him for a few days through the wire and for a little while after I let him out.  He tuned her in a bit, but she still squawks and tries to get away when he breeds her.  She doesn't bite my leg as often now.  :)  My question is what does everyone do with these kind of hens.  Do you sell them, eat them, keep them, or what?  If I am able to get chicks from them, do you think the new birds will have lousy temperament too?

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#2 2015-11-07 13:20:46

poplar girl
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Re: Nasty hens

Temperment like most things definitely has a genetic component so there's a good chance your nasty hens will pass some of that along. But not every one of her chicks will likely be agressive.

Can't say I have any really mean hens. One bites my leg every once in awhile but she's one of my old girls and has always done that so I put up with it. When I introduced pullets this year to the hens no one was too mean. Took about 2 weeks for full harmony though. With the bantams I was able to go the other way, give the pullets home turf, and it only took 2 days!

At this point, of it were me and the war was already fought this time around, I would likely keep everyone and then cull the worst before next fall :eat:

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