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Re: Testing...testing..

Well hello.My name is Terry and I have had a small flock of Ameraucana's the past 9 years. I lost my old rooster 2 years ago and have had a hard time getting a replacement. I am hoping to find a new guy and some hen's as well. I live outside of Markham Ont having just moved from New Brunswick. here's hoping I can get the help I need after which I can I will be able to help other's because will have two small flocks. Any questions or info on obtaining new birds can be sent to  and of course through this forum.    Thank You & Thanks for adding me to this group.

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poplar girl
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Re: Testing...testing..

:welcome: Terry. Ameraucauna's are not really the focus of most of us...we are pretty crazy about our Basque Hens...but there are lots of folks from Ontario so maybe someone can give you a hand.

There is an area of the forum dedicated to introducing yourself if you wanted to post a hello to everyone from there:

If you click on the link and then near the top on the right click on Post New Topic you can say hello to everyone from there if you'd like.

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Re: Testing...testing..

Maggiesdad wrote:

See! A little chicken poo works wonders! :thumbs:

It sure does :thumbs: =D




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