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#1 2013-09-16 19:16:47

From: Washington, USA
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Love our EO/EE Juvies! (Photo heavy)

Hi Friends! :hi:

I'm popping my head up from canning and the orchard harvest to share with you a neat EO cross.

Lulu, my blind (cataracts) blue wheaten EE,  has given us several of these beautiful chicks.  All the males look same/similar, as do the females.  Like in the EO, the barring genes are definitely male linked and the ladies definitely have the genes for buff/salmon.

Here is how the boys are looking... every one of them.... I wasn't having much luck with reflective eyes that day!

A face shot....

And the girls... all carbon copies of this little lady, huge beard and all!

Finally, my favorite group shot!  "Dinnertime!"
Breed/cross from left to right... (EO cockerel, EO/Buff Orp pullet, EO pullet, EO/BO pullet, EO/BO cockerel, EO/BO pullet)

All my best!  I'm heading back to the land of apple butter!  ;)

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2013-09-16 19:16:47


#2 2013-09-17 01:15:32

Flat Rock Farm
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Re: Love our EO/EE Juvies! (Photo heavy)

Oh Jenn are they ever beautiful, love the cheek muffs :love:




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