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"The action of the sex linked barring gene on Spanish chickens........

"The action of the sex linked barring gene
on Spanish chickens with gold plumage"
Departamento de Genitica Cuantitativa y Mejora Animal
Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias
Carretera de La Coruna Km. 7, Madrid (Espana)
Here is the English version of the study:  Campo and Orozco worked together on study of genetics and preservation of Spanish Fowl. Campo was especially interested in the Basque fowl. From what I can gather, one of the Basque fowl was a very a rare color . The only other recorded poultry color which was the same was the Gold Barred Rock. Punnett and Pease wrote a paper on GBR in 1928. Excellent reading.    Campo stated in his work that Euskal Oiloa carried Dominant  White. From what I can gather from the P&P 1928 study, the GBR is  Barred Buff Columbian built on a Dominant White base. I don't know if the Illiana (sp?)  variety of Euskal Oiloa is the same as the bird Campo described. I need to find out from Lys if the persons who brought them back in Basqueland has revealed their genome.


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