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Chicken Tractors

Claire got me thinking again about our chicken tractor design. See quote below. I would love to see some photos of chicken tractors that people like. Does anyone have some to share? How did you build it? What would you change? are there nesting boxes?...

skeffling lavender farm wrote:

I think the main ones here are chicken coop building-related here :whistle: 

1) If you live on the top of a hill, any doors, lids and roofs should be at least three-quarter inch plywood not half inch.
2) Do not build top-heavy coops that you can stand up with, you waste so much material and they are hard to move.
3) If you are making low chicken tractors, do not make them any taller than 2 feet high, if you make them, 3 feet high you will just about fall in trying to lean in, and the coops are much heavier to move.  :banginghead:

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More pictures and videos of chicks.



2012-11-26 21:26:28



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